About Us

KS Sports (Kings Slowpitch Sports) spawned from the successful Facebook page, Kings Slowpitch Softball! People were constantly asking where to purchase gear, and the gear we would recommend so this was a logical next step! 

KS Sports is owned by John (John Kings) and Tyson (Tyce). They have been the biggest influencers the softball world has seen. Their pages, Kings Slowpitch softball, has the biggest following in all of softball on Facebook and Instagram. Over the years, they have had the pleasure of interacting with many new faces and have made a lot of connections. You can trust these familiar names with your business, as they are respected and trusted in the softball community. 

KS Sports is striving to be your one stop shop for your sporting good needs. As we grow, we are excited to have you with us in this journey. You have followed us for years with our content, not trust us with your business.