Worth 12" ASA Hot Dot Slowpitch Softballs (Dozen): AHD12CY

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These 12" slowpitch softballs have red stitching and are approved for play in the ASA with a .52 COR/300 lb Compression. Worth Hot Dot softballs are designed to give players consistent hit distance at all temperatures, especially true in hot weather conditions. Added to these softballs is the C-LOK adhesive and moisture barrier and then the SYCO composite leather cover for more durability.

Product Features: 

  • Worth's new HOT DOT ASA softballs
  • .52 COR, 300 lb Compression
  • 12" Size
  • Approved for only ASA Softball Leagues and Tournaments
  • Unique core formulation reduces compression loss in hot weather creating a call that plays long in all weather conditions
  • Syco Cover
  • Sold by the Dozen (12 Balls)